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Aztek Digital Photo Lab 8000

Beneath its straightforward appearance, the NEW Advanced AZTEK® PREMIER™ DRUM SCANNER possesses capabilities unavailable in any other Scanner. With its patented Photo Multiplier OptiVu™ Technology, the Premier automatically manages and focuses variable scan capture spot sizes down to 3 microns (3 thousandth of a millimeter) to match the grain of the film. This function is performed completely independently of the resolution (or dpi) of the scanner's resolution.

The AZTEK OptiVu technology uniquely results in literally flawless archival large format scanning, at any scale factor (even at 21,333% or 64,000 dpi) without any grain noise or other image artifacts. With both the sensitivity of Photo Multiplier Sensors and OptiVu advantages. The AZTEK Premier has proven itself in both photo lab production and industry standardized benchmarks to have greater density sensitivity, optical accuracy, image quality, speed and scaling capability than any other professional film scanner tested to date.


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